Professional window cleaning

Professional window cleaning — for home and business Comprehensive window maintenance is the most optimal solution for such an active city as Kiev. That is why the washing of windows and shop windows includes the obligatory stages of working with slopes, window sills, a profile frame, caring for a window headset, and applying protective equipment. Regardless of where the work is done — at a residential or business facility — we guarantee a professional level of work performance. Washing windows in houses and apartments Double-glazed windows or classic wooden frames, double or single, non-standard designs — we wash all types of windows. Professional-grade cleaning products are hypoallegenic and safe for animals and plants, which is certified. Particular attention is paid to the proper care of the appearance of plastic and plastic window fittings. In order not to damage them, careful mechanical cleaning and careful selection of cleaning products will be required. Only in this case the window will serve the due date. Washing of shop-windows on commercial objects For those who care about the appearance of office partitions, glass or shelving, professional window cleaning is familiar firsthand. For any business, external cleanliness is one of the factors for successful interaction with customers. High-quality services for washing windows and glass surfaces will relieve you of all the hassle about this. Since the cost of the service already includes the necessary expenses for inventory, labor, water. The most optimal solution to this issue will be a contract for the planned window cleaning. Maintaining perfect shine is usually much cheaper and easier than bringing to a critical state when aggressive efflorescence reacts and penetrates the glass structure. The work schedule will be made in accordance with the real need and location of the window.

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